The NISAR Envoy Program defines a volunteer-based community of committed SAR users working within the applications community.

NISAR Envoys are experts in their field and are cognizant of opportunities NISAR will bring to their field. They share this knowledge within their communities to encourage use of NISAR data for meeting agencies’ information needs.

Envoys are kept informed by the NISAR Program of mission status and opportunities. They provide feedback on the mission’s utility to their communities.

Envoys may have current or previous SAR application experience that they can present at major application-specific workshops and meetings and through NASA’s capacity building programs.

Envoy community engagement activities:

  1. Envoys discuss potential benefits of NISAR as an upcoming available source of openly available public data at meetings where they are presenting.

  2. Envoys help to identify active and willing partners for further potential engagement with the NISAR community.

  3. Envoys help respond to inquiries from the applications community about how to use SAR for decision support or information product systems.

  4. Envoys will have the opportunity to join NISAR-lead Education and Training programs.

NISAR Envoys