Who are NISAR early adopters?

Individuals and organizations who

  • have a clearly defined need for NISAR data

  • have an existing application that can benefit from NISAR

  • are capable of applying their own resources to demonstrate the utility of NISAR data for their application.

Early Adopters provide important feedback to the NISAR team regarding which NISAR data products meet the needs of their applications.

Benefits of joining

  • All the benefits of being a member of the Community of Practice

  • Receive invitations to events to learn about the mission and the data

  • Showcase your work on the NISAR website

  • Get access to private early adopters channel on NISAR Applications Slack Workspace

  • Join moderated EAs-Only discussions via Slack

  • Join quarterly EA telecons where you can present your work, receive feedback, and discover opportunities for collaboration

Apply here!

Provide a description of your interest in less than 600 words:

  • Description of your application:

    • title, goals, region, timeline, end-users or impact

  • Which NISAR-like data you will be using

  • How the NISAR data will benefit your application