2015 NASA-ISRO SAR Mission Applications Workshop: Linking The Applied Science Community to Mission Data

October 13-15
NASA Ames Conference Center, Moffett Field, CA

Registrants have selected the tutorials they would be interested in attending on Tuesday afternoon. The morning session will be a general overview of SAR and UAVSAR.

9 am Overview of SAR 10:45 am UAVSAR 1 pm Ecosystems & Agriculture 1 pm Groundwater & Subsurface Reservoirs 3 pm Ocean Applications 3 pm Disaster Response and Natural Hazards Did Not Reply to Survey
Eric Anderson Piyush Agram Noa Bechor Piyush Agram Noa Bechor Piyush Agram Ben Brooks
Brett Baker Eric Anderson Phil Beilin Eric Anderson Joel Dudas Eric Anderson David Bubenheim
Gerald Bawden Scott Arko Jordan Bell Scott Arko John E Figueroa Scott Arko Mark Ciotola
Phil Beilin Brett Baker Faramaz Davarian Brett Baker Ralph Foster Brett Baker Craig Dobson
Jordan Bell Noa Bechor Joel Dudas Gerald Bawden Ariel Russell Garcia Phil Beilin David Green
Glenda Besana-Ostman Phil Beilin Antonio Ferraz Glenda Besana-Ostman Chelle Gentemann Jordan Bell Eric Gurrola
Adrian Bohane Jordan Bell Ralph Foster Adrian Bohane Kyle Hilburn Glenda Besana-Ostman Ben Jai
Timothy Case Glenda Besana-Ostman Ariel Russell Garcia John Peter Merryman Boncori Gary L. Hover Adrian Bohane Alicia Jamison
Brian Conway Adrian Bohane Chelle Gentemann Timothy Case Anupama John John Peter Merryman Boncori Todd Jamison
Faramaz Davarian John Peter Merryman Boncori Alberto Guzman Brian Conway Ebenezer Kwanin Timothy Case Chippie Kislik
Bruce A. Davis Timothy Case Kyle Hilburn Gary Darling Frank Monaldo Brian Coltin Drew Kittel
Tim Dawson Brian Conway Liza Jenkins Bruce A. Davis Shadi Oveisgharan Brian Conway Jaime Lien
Tom Farr Faramaz Davarian Anupama John Tim Dawson Roland Romeiser Gary Darling David Mraz
Antonio Ferraz Bruce A. Davis Eric Kasischke Tom Farr Anne Rosinski Faramaz Davarian Tobey Mraz
Alessandro Ferretti Tim Dawson Yunjin Kim Alessandro Ferretti Jonathan Sullivan Bruce A. Davis Ramakrish Nemani
John E Figueroa Andrea Donnellan Amber Jean Kuss Eric Fielding Chris White Tim Dawson Jonathan Normand
Ralph Foster Antonio Ferraz Ebenezer Kwanin John E Figueroa Chi Wu Shaunak De Mitchell Plummer
Ariel Russell Garcia Alessandro Ferretti Marco Lavalle Maggi Glasscoe Antonio Ferraz Paul Rosen
Chelle Gentemann Eric Fielding Pang-Wei Liu Hans Graber Alessandro Ferretti Sassan Saatchi
Maggi Glasscoe John E Figueroa Forrest Melton Brad Hager Eric Fielding Margaret Srinivasan
Hans Graber Ariel Russell Garcia Victoria Meyer Gabriela Jara Maggi Glasscoe Marc Thibeault
Alberto Guzman Chelle Gentemann Claire Michailovsky Cathleen E. Jones Hans Graber Kenneth Tindall
Brad Hager Maggi Glasscoe Andrew Molthan Jungkyo Jung Alberto Guzman Peter Tittmann
Scott Hensley Hans Graber Andrew Nguyen Ebenezer Kwanin Brad Hager David Valdez
Kyle Hilburn Alberto Guzman Shadi Oveisgharan Pang-Wei Liu Gary L. Hover Daryl Van Dyke
Gary L. Hover Scott Hensley Susan Owen Zhen Liu Gabriela Jara Howard Zebker
Gabriela Jara Kyle Hilburn Christopher Potter Paul Lundgren Liza Jenkins
Liza Jenkins Gary L. Hover Cindy Schmidt Tannia Mayorga Torres Cathleen E. Jones
Anupama John Gabriela Jara Susan Schoenung Tim Mccrink Jungkyo Jung
Cathleen E. Jones Liza Jenkins Abdallah Shaheen Robert Mellors Yunjin Kim
Jungkyo Jung Anupama John Priyanka Sharma Emily Montgomery-Brown Amber Jean Kuss
Eric Kasischke Cathleen E. Jones Paul Siqueira Reginald R. Muskett Ebenezer Kwanin
Amber Jean Kuss Jungkyo Jung Jay Skiles Shadi Oveisgharan Marco Lavalle
Ebenezer Kwanin Eric Kasischke Jonathan Sullivan Jay Parker Pang-Wei Liu
Marco Lavalle Yunjin Kim Manavala Ramanujam Venugopalan Roland Romeiser Zhen Liu
Pang-Wei Liu Amber Jean Kuss Joshua Verkerke Ron Rubin Paul Lundgren
Tannia Mayorga Torres Ebenezer Kwanin Aida Villagracia Chris Savinell Tannia Mayorga Torres
Tim Mccrink Marco Lavalle Ravinder Virk Mark Simons Tim Mccrink
Charles Meertens Pang-Wei Liu Weile Wang Danielle Smilovsky Charles Meertens
Forrest Melton Tannia Mayorga Torres Tracy Whelen Ryan Smith Forrest Melton
Franz J Meyer Tim Mccrink Mark Wiltermuth Michelle Sneed Franz J Meyer
Victoria Meyer Charles Meertens Chi Wu Steven Springhorn Victoria Meyer
Claire Michailovsky Forrest Melton Jonathan Sullivan Claire Michailovsky
Andrew Molthan Victoria Meyer Mario Fernando Angarita Vargas Andrew Molthan
Emily Montgomery-Brown Claire Michailovsky Donald Vasco Emily Montgomery-Brown
Johh Murray Andrew Molthan Chris White Reginald R. Muskett
Reginald R. Muskett Emily Montgomery-Brown Chi Wu Shadi Oveisgharan
Andrew Nguyen Johh Murray David Yip Susan Owen
Susan Owen Reginald R. Muskett Sang-Ho Yun Jay Parker
Jay Parker Andrew Nguyen Ron Rubin
Roland Romeiser Shadi Oveisgharan Chris Savinell
Ron Rubin Susan Owen Abdallah Shaheen
Chris Savinell Jay Parker Priyanka Sharma
Cindy Schmidt Roland Romeiser Mark Simons
Susan Schoenung Ron Rubin Danielle Smilovsky
Abdallah Shaheen Chris Savinell Michelle Sneed
Priyanka Sharma Cindy Schmidt Jonathan Sullivan
Mark Simons Susan Schoenung Mario Fernando Angarita Vargas
Paul Siqueira Abdallah Shaheen Donald Vasco
Jay Skiles Priyanka Sharma Manavala Ramanujam Venugopalan
Danielle Smilovsky Mark Simons Joshua Verkerke
Ryan Smith Paul Siqueira Aida Villagracia
Michelle Sneed Jay Skiles Ravinder Virk
Steven Springhorn Danielle Smilovsky Weile Wang
Jonathan Sullivan Ryan Smith Tracy Whelen
Mario Fernando Angarita Vargas Michelle Sneed Mark Wiltermuth
Donald Vasco Steven Springhorn Chi Wu
Manavala Ramanujam Venugopalan Jonathan Sullivan David Yip
Joshua Verkerke Fraser Thomson Sang-Ho Yun
Tracy Whelen Mario Fernando Angarita Vargas
Chris White Donald Vasco
Mark Wiltermuth Manavala Ramanujam Venugopalan
Chi Wu Joshua Verkerke
David Yip Ravinder Virk
Sang-Ho Yun Tracy Whelen
Mark Wiltermuth
Chi Wu
David Yip
Sang-Ho Yun

UAVSAR: UAVSAR is the NASA airborne L-band radar mission that is used to study earth science (earthquakes, volcanoes, vegetation, hydrology, ice, etc.) This session would discuss the specific characteristics of the UAVSAR instrument, review how users can request and access data, and provide examples of research and applications using UAVSAR data.

Ecosystems & Agriculture: This session would review the physics of microwave scattering from vegetated surfaces and how this physics permits the use of NISAR and other SAR imagery for ecosystem applications such as determining biomass, structure, canopy height as well as soil moisture, inundation, and mapping of disturbances such as deforestation and fire and its use for agricultural applications such as mapping crop type, monitoring crop growth and phenology, and assessing cropland conditions.

Surface Deformation for Subsurface Reservoirs: This session would review how InSAR can be used to detect land subsidence caused by groundwater overdraft and land uplift related to artificial recharge facilities, natural recharge along streams and rivers, and groundwater recovery. It would also discuss combining InSAR with other related datasets (groundwater level data, pumping data, well-data, micro-gravity data, etc.) to provide a powerful tool that could be used in decision making and reservoir management.

Oceans applications: This session would review the scattering physics from the ocean and how this physics permits the use of NISAR and other SAR imagery for applications such as high-resolution marine wind speed, oil spill masking, sea-ice masking, ocean wave spectra, imaging ocean internal waves, ship detection, etc.

Change Detection for Disaster Response & Surface Deformation for Natural Hazards: Earthquakes, floods, tropical storms and other natural disasters can dramatically alter the built environment and landscape. This session would focus on the use of SAR for measuring change associated with these types of natural hazards and their use for emergency response activities and for measuring surface deformation associated with natural hazards and how it can be used for hazard monitoring and other decision support activities.