2015 NASA-ISRO SAR Mission Applications Workshop: Linking The Applied Science Community to Mission Data

October 13-15
NASA Ames Conference Center, Moffett Field, CA

There will be a dedicated room at the NASA Ames Conference Center where posters will be on display for the duration of the workshop, with two poster sessions during the workshop. Please ensure your poster is sized to fit: maximum size 3’ wide by 4’ high. Please plan on hanging your poster Tuesday morning when arrive. We will have poster numbers and instructions on where to place posters at registration.

View the poster map. Poster authors with odd numbered posters are asked to be at their posters in Poster Session #1 (Wednesday). Poster authors with even numbered posters are asked to be at their posters in Poster Session #2 (Thursday).

We would like to put electronic versions of the posters online – initially through the Dropbox, and eventually on the workshop webpage. Please send a PDF of your poster to the organizers if you would like your poster shared.

Last Name First Name # of Posters Poster Title Poster Number
Agram Piyush 1 InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE): A high performance, scalable solution for Big InSAR data 37
Bechor Noa 1 Centimeters-Level Precision and Relative Accuracy of MAI Measurements in low to Medium Coherence Terrains 40
Bell Jordan 1 Application of SAR Data to Weather Disasters 14
Besana-Ostman Glenda 1 Detection and Monitoring of Landslides using InSAR 7
Chapman Bruce 1 Examples of wetlands detection using L-band SAR 3
Coltin Brian 1 Crisis Mapping: Flood Detection 15
Conway Brian 1 Using InSAR Data for Groundwater Management in Arizona 38
Crosby Christopher 1 Standardized data format for a community-contributed InSAR product archive 42
De Shaunak 1 Classification of PolSAR data with insights into a Deep Learning Approach 41
Donnellan Andrea 1 Studying Recent California Earthquakes with UAVSAR and GeoGateway 27
Farr Tom 1 InSAR mapping of subsidence in the Central Valley 35
Feigl Kurt 2 1. Applying InSAR to Managing Geothermal Reservoirs: Case Study at Brady’s Hot Spring, Nevada, USA
2. Evolution of unrest at Laguna del Maule volcanic field (Chile) from InSAR and GPS measurements, 2003 to 2014
19 & 20
Fielding Eric 1 Integrating SAR and GPS for Earthquake Hazard Management and Response: Examples from the Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) Project 22
Foster Ralph 1 Calculating Sea-Level Pressure from SAR Images of Tropical Cyclones 13
Glascoe Maggi 1 Disaster Response Tools for Data Discovery and Decision Support – GeoGateway and E-DECIDER 28
Hager Bradford 1 Coupled groundwater flow and geomechanics analysis of the 2011 Lorca earthquake 31
Heggy Essam 1 InSAR Assessment of Groundwater Dynamics in Urban Coastal Areas 30
Jenkins Liza 1 L-band SAR applications 36
John Anupama 1 Application of Single Polarimetric RADARSAT2 Images in Estimating Water Stage in the Everglades 4
Jones Cathleen 2 UAVSAR: InSAR and PolSAR Applications Testbed for the NISAR Mission, Parts 1 & 2 17 & 18
Kim Seungbum 1 NISAR's potential for agricultural soil moisture information: examples from SMAP 9
Lavalle Marco 1 An acquisition strategy for the NISAR mission to retrieve 3-D forest structure 10
Liu Zhen 1 Mapping fault creep and transient motion in central and southern California using satellite InSAR, UAVSAR and GPS 32
Mellors Rob 1 The subTER Project 34
Merryman Boncori John Peter 1 Sarmap software tools for land management and survey applications 1
Meyer Franz 1 InSAR Remote Sensing for Performance Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructure at the Network Level 11
Meyer Victoria 1 Dual Frequency InSAR characterization of Tropical Forest Structure and Biomass: GeoSAR Measurements in Choco, Colombia 29
Muskett Reginald 1 ICESat GLAS Elevation Changes and ALOS PALSAR InSAR Line-Of-Sight changes on the Continuous Permafrost Zone of the North Slope, Alaska 39
Panda Bibhuti 1 Application of InSAR for Landslide Hazards Analysis 8
Poland Michael 1 Tracking lava flow emplacement with spaceborne SAR 16
Potter Christopher 1 Patterns of Aboveground Biomass Regeneration in Post-Fire Coastal Scrub Communities from L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar Data 5
Rosinski Anne 1 CA Earthquake Clearinghouse SAR applications in disaster response 26
Simard Marc 1 Radar Imaging of Coastal Wetlands 12
Simons Mark 1 Use of SAR for active fire monitoring and burn scar detection 6
Smilovsky Danielle 1 Characterizing the 'WHY?' of a Historical InSAR Subsidence Feature in Phoenix 33
Stough Tim 1 A Timeline for the Nepal Earthquake Response with Actual and Desired Events 23 & 24
Vargas Mario Fernando Angarita 1 Deformation processes in the region of Chiles-Cerro Negro and Galeras volcanoes using InSAR Images 21
Venugopalan Manavala Ramanujam 1 L&S Band Airborne SAR 43
Vijayakumar Singanamalla 1 Oil Spill Detection using SAR Images
Whelen Tracy 1 Backscatter Time Series of Agricultural Crops 2
Yun Sang-Ho 1 Rapid Damage Mapping for the 2015 M7.8 Gorkha Earthquake using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data from COSMO-SkyMed and ALOS-2 Satellites 25