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NISAR will add a tremendous new data set to create new and greatly improve upon existing applications. By virtue of the planned frequent and regular sampling of some of the world's most hazard-prone areas, these data will be more than a rich source of information to guide development of applications and their associated scientific studies. They will be a reliable source over the life of the mission for proactive planning for disasters, and will have a store of pre-disaster images available to rapidly and unambiguously understand what transpired in the disaster, leading to the development of actionable applications that could inform the government for consideration of future operational missions. Water resource monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and other value-added applications will also be revolutionized by access to these data.

2015 NISAR Applications Workshop Report
Announcement for the 2015 NISAR Applications Workshop
2014 NISAR Applications Workshop Report
Announcement for the 2014 NISAR Applications Workshop